Veterans Day with the USS Edson

A gun salute and the pledge of allegiance brought these people together to remember this 11th day of the 11th month.

â??It is very humbling, to think of all the people that over the years that this country has been here and the number of veterans who have given their life to keep the country the way it is, itâ??s always a humbling experience,â?? said Pete Clayton.

Two service members from World War II tossed an honorary wreath over the newly painted stern.

"It's good to see the people come out to pay tribute to the people that served,â?? said Mike Buda.

The USS Edson is a symbol of patriotism. Those in attendance say it made the event that much more special.

"I always thought this was the prettiest class of ship I really did. It's the last all gun destroyer and it just has the nicest lines,â?? said Harry Manslove.

The Edson Veterans Day ceremony brought out hundreds and there was talk about if the Edson will house next years Veterans Day.