Veterans Honored at Welcome Home Ceremony

Veterans come for information at the Welcome Home Ceremony at Crossroads Village and Huckleberry Railroad in Flint.

Honor America's veterans are three words that the veterans affairs department of Ann Arbor value everyday. However, on this Memorial Day weekend, those words speak volume a little bit more.

Sarah Nowitzke, who is involved with the returning combat vet program said, "veterans have given so much to our country and it's just a little way to be able to give back to them."

Every year the VA department has an informational fair, and Saturday was Mid-Michigan's turn.

"We realized there were more veterans in the Genesee County and the Flint community who have not accessed VA services," Robert McDivitt, the Director of VA Ann Arbor said."

At the "Welcome Home Ceremony" at Crosswords Village in Flint, they provided vets with information regarding housing, education, employment and ways to get back on their feet after active duty to veteran status.

The program serves army vets, marines and people like Susan Smith. She is a proud healthcare worker turned navy girl. Smith decided later in life that she wanted to get a degree while serving her country.

It was a "great experience, um I wouldn't change it for the world," Smith said.

Jared Enochs served in the army reserve from 2010-2011. He said, "we got a lot of attacks throughout the day, so you could be on your toes one day but several days later you wouldn't have to worry about anything. The daily routine was almost like being home."

Now that Enochs is home, he's taking full advantage of the VA. A service many said they need and appreciate.