Veterans transition from soldier to civilian

Mott Community College is steering veterans toward education. Veterans attending the collegeâ??s information fair call transitioning from soldier to civilian a tough process. But the information and help is out there.

"It was difficult, the transition from active duty to a civilian career as well as trying to balance and manager getting your education was tuff," said Colin Consiglio.

The former Army Staff Sergeant has paid his dues.

"Two years with the third infantry division overseas," said Consiglio.

Through his experience Consiglio finds getting the proper veteran assistance is a trying process. Thatâ??s why he is now serving fellow veterans at Mott. Consiglioâ??s job is putting veterans in touch with the right resources to succeed.

"One of the toughest parts of it is working through the maze of paperwork and the different organizations. There are a lot of organizations to help veterans," said Consiglio.

But navigating those resources is a challenge. Mott Community College is easing that burden and making education a stepping stone to employment.

"Education is important for anyone. About 63%of jobs in America today require some form of secondary education," said Retired Marine Corp Major General Michael Lehnert.

Lehnert now serves as Vice Chairman of the 900 chapters of Student Veterans of America.

His mission is getting vets the resources they need to get into school and surrounded with information to transition into the civilian world.

"They are smart, they're hard working, and theyâ??re dedicated," said Lehnert.

"They all have unique needs and our job our goal here at Mott is to help them meet those needs.

Through Mott and other resources like the VA Hospitals in Ann Arbor and Saginaw vet's can seek help anytime.

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