Vice Pres. Joe Biden plans trip to Mid-Michigan to discuss jobs plan

V.P. Joe Biden is planning a trip to Flint Wednesday. / file photo

Vice President Joe Biden is expected to make a stop in Mid-Michigan this week.

Biden will visit the Flint Fire Department Wednesday morning to talk about President Barack Obama TMs jobs plan.

President Obama TMs jobs plan seeks to raise $467 billion over the next ten years. The City of Flint reports that $5 billion of this investment would go toward retaining police officers and firefighters. "By supporting jobs, the proposed investmetns aim to keep communities safe from crime and able to maintain critical emergency response capabilities," Dawn Jones from the City of Flint states in a press release concerning the visit. You can read the full details of The American Jobs Act by clicking here.

During NBC25 Today Wednesday morning, Brittany Noble spoke with Mayor Dayne Walling, Police Chief Alvern Lock, and Firefighter Rico Phillips. Each discussed what he wanted to hear most from the Vice President's speech. You can watch those interviews in the video box above.

The Associated Press says Biden is also planning on visiting a Grand Rapids area school. The AP says he will discuss a $25 billion plan aimed at modernizing schools.

Our team will be at the Vice President Biden visit in Flint Wednesday and will have full reports on NBC25 News and here on

In the meantime, we want to know what you think of Pres. Obama TMs jobs plan. Do you think it will help Michigan residents get back on their feet? Leave us your comments and vote on our poll below.