Vienna Township Board could remove supervisor

Vienna Township Supervisor Randy Taylor.

A Mid-Michigan township board could remove its supervisor by enforcing a law that is 60 years old.

The Vienna Township board is accusing supervisor Randy Taylor of "habitual drunkenness."

Taylor says board members are targeting him. However, board members say his actions are keeping him from fulfilling his duties as supervisor.

The board could use a law from 1954 to have the supervisor removed from his position if there is enough proof to back up the claim.

Board members approved a motion to hire an attorney to conduct an independent investigation. They would not go into detail about the accusations, because of the pending investigation, but they say there is evidence of Taylor's drinking. Taylor, says he does not drink anymore.

â??I decided to quit because it has never been an issue and I thought well this is one way to show that it's not,â?? said Supervisor Randy Taylor.

Board members say they are not sure how long the investigation will take.

â??This isn't something that we've taken lightly and it certainly isn't something that we're just taking on a couple of rumors. These are events and occurrences that many of the township employees have experienced first hand,â?? said Clerk Cynthia Bryan.