Vietnam Memorial Moving Wall arrives in Auburn

Moving wall arrives in Auburn City Park.


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lba was filled with emotion when he found his cousin's name on among the see of names etched on the portable wall.

He said his cousin's life was cut too short, "Happiness and sadness at 19 years old, he never got to enjoy all of the things that we take for granted like family, children and marriage."

The replica's arrival

is largely due to
Dale Gripentrog, a
Vietnam War veteran who served in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Among the many veterans who attended the memorial, veteran Patrick Gobeski said he wants people to remember "regardless of history whether we joined or whether we were drafted we all did our jobs and we did it with honor."

Visitors are free to attend and the moving wall will be available for viewing at
Auburn City Park 24 hours a day until a closing ceremony at noon on monday.

The wall is located off of Nine Mile Road near the US-10 interchange.