Vigil for Linden teacher Andrew Kargel

Andrew Kargel

Hundreds of students, parents, and teachers showed up to pay their respects to Andrew Kargel tonight.

So many people showed up that the auditorium filled in minutes and a line of mourners wrapped through the hallways even reaching outside.

Andrew Kargel was killed early Thursday morning in a snowmobile crash in Washtenaw County.

The 34 year old taught physical education.

Everyone we spoke with said the loss is still a shock and has created a hole that can't be filled.

"It was like he was invincible in the school it was like nothing could ever hurt him her was like this great guy and when he was gone nobody could really believe it" says Nicholas McDonald, a Linden student.

"He was such a big part of the middle school that I don't know if it will ever will be filled" says Miranda Fowler.

Kargel will be laid to rest on Wednesday in Chelsea.