Violent trend continues in Flint

More violence in Flint after a man, police say, pulled a gun on two state troopers.

It happens on the heels of a new FBI report about crime.

For the third year in a row the City of Flint has secured the top spot on the FBI's most violent city's list.

But officials say the report does not accurately represent the current state of violence in the city.

Officials say their public safety plan is making a difference in some of Flint's most dangerous neighborhoods.

Kenitra Williams, her boyfriend, Demetrice and their two kids, Dontavis and Jacorey, wanted out of one of Flint's most violent neighborhood.

"We were moving out in two weeks. Only had two weeks to go," reflects Kenitra Williams.

Their plans stalled after Williams said her boyfriend was shot and killed Tuesday night around 10:15 by police.

Michigan State Police say two undercover officers approached the suspect at the Evergreen Regency townhomes.

Police say the suspect then ran from officer and pulled a gun.

That's when, the undercover officers say, they were forced to shoot the suspect.

"More times than not you are going to run into these types of incidents," said Lt. Brian Cole of the Michigan State Police.

The officers were patroling the Evergreen Regency Townhomes as a proactive measure.

It's part of the state's "Safe Streets Initiative."

"They're looking for suspicious activity they're looking to prevent crime and attempt to make these communities safer for these people," said Lt. Cole.

Safer and off the FBI's most violent city's list.

"This is a terrible distinction for the city," said Mayor Dayne Walling.

There were more than 2,700 violent crimes reported in Flint in 2012.

Mayor Walling says recently implemented measures are making a difference.

The Flint City Lockup is now open, getting criminals off the streets and out of communities.

"Very nice people live in those communities and they're terrified won't even allow their kids to come out and play," said Lt. Cole.

"We need to work as a local commnity as well as with the state so that Michigan becomes one of the safest states in the country," said Mayor Walling.

Walling said there is a positive side to the FBI's report.

Property crimes in the city have declined 14%.