Volunteers are key at the North End Soup Kitchen

Holidays at the North End Soup Kitchn in Fllint are a busy time.

It takes many volunteers to make sure no one goes without a warm Easter meal.

A couple hundred donors and people have given their time and resources to make sure everyone has a happy Easter.

"The holidays are much more special around here because more volunters and odnors want to come out and do things," says Jon Manse of Catholic Charities.

Volunteers like Sojourner Green who takes this opportunity to teach her kids the importance of lending a hand.

"I just wanted to have the opportunity to bring my kids out and myself out to give back to the community and get some volunteering going," says Green.

"I like to give back to the community and people who can't afford the easter lunch," says volunteer Lee Cats.

Sunday, people got much more than an Easter dinner making the holiday extra special.

"Every adult every person that comes in is going to get a bag full of food and personal need products and tother things and the children are going to get baskets," says Manse.

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