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      Volunteers make 100 thousand meals for the starving

      Hundreds volunteer with Feed My Hungry Children.

      Feed my starving children is in Flint Township. Their goal is making one hundred thousand meals for starving children.

      ??Every single day over 18 thousand people die because of hunger and hunger related diseases all around the world. Including in our own back yard,?? said Mobile Pack Supervisor Michelle Henn.

      And with help from volunteers feed my starving children is filling packs full of rice, dried vegetables, and soy protein in an effort to turn hunger into hope.

      ??We??re trying to serve those less fortunate than us. We are so blessed and we hope we can bless other families with these meal packs,?? said volunteer Diana Swanson.

      Each meal costs 22 cents to make and is funded by volunteers and donors. Even the labor is free but some say it doesn??t count as work.

      "Just seeing the smiles on their faces as their having fun. But then in the end just seeing the impact they made and the fun they had making a difference,?? said Henn.

      Loud music and high spirits are making this mobile pack event a success.

      "We're having a fun time. We're like playing while we??re boxing them up," said volunteer Caleb Clift.

      Each one of the boxes has 36 of these bags of food. Making it that much closer to their hundred thousand goal.