Volunteers need help giving dog found with belt embedded in his neck a second chance

More surgery is needed on his neck. / Chad Britton

Update: May 20th, 10:35 a.m.

Jonah has been released from the hospital, and is doing very well! He is now being trained at a facility in Flushing, and will soon be up for adoption.

Update: April 20th, 10:00 a.m.

Donations to help pay for Jonah's medical expenses can be made here:

A volunteer didn TMt know she was about to rescue an animal who had been seriously neglected when she walked behind the Genesee County Animal Shelter. She spotted him tangled in the brush behind the building.

Volunteers said when they approached him he was wagging his tail and so excited to see them, said Dr. Michele Koan at the Riverside Animal Hospital in Flushing, of the dog named Jonah by his rescuers.

Jonah TMs friendly demeanor shocked many volunteers. He had numerous items embedded in the skin around his neck, including a man TMs belt, a choke chain, and two zip ties.

Volunteers at the shelter knew the dog needed veterinary attention. They quickly collected donations amongst themselves. Shelter leaders let Dr. Koan take him to the Riverside Animal Hospital where he is receiving intense care.

This is one of the rewarding parts of working with animal control, said Dr. Koan.

She surgically removed the items embedded in the dog TMs neck, in part for as long as a year. Now she is treating the infection. Dr. Koan says the volunteer who spotted him saved his life.

If he hadn TMt been found the infection would have gotten worse in a matter of weeks. Maggots would have infested it.

Jonah still has a long way to go. After his infection clears up another surgery will be done to remove excess skin that has grown around his neck.

He'll always have a battle scar there."

Volunteers have put together a facebook page titled The Jonah Experience. They are working to raise awareness and money for his care.

It is not clear who will adopt Jonah, or even when he will be healthy enough to be put up for adoption. Dr. Koan says folks should know, there are many animals at the shelter right now waiting for forever homes.

I TMd really liked to encourage people looking to bring a pet into their family to consider adopting an animal at a shelter. T hey're all looking for good homes, and this dog Jonah will be no exception to that."