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      Warmer temperatures could lead to more power outages

      It's been a cold few days for Leeroy Holmes and his Valorie Lane neighbors.

      ??(It??s) been like living in an ice box,?? says Holmes.

      Only a generator is helping Holmes get by. The roads in his Flint neighborhood are impassable until crews cleared the way Thursday morning.

      ??Couldn??t (sic) nobody get out of their yard and stuff ??til they pulled those limbs out of the middle of the road, ya know it was a real mess,?? says Holmes.

      That??s thanks to contractors coming from near and far to help out. Gene Barbour and his crew came in from Kentucky and they worked through Christmas.

      ??It was Christmas but it's just another day of just getting tree of wires and putting wires back up,?? says Gene Barbour.

      ??We??re looking to have all of our customers back or the majority of our customers back by the end of the day Saturday,?? says Dan Malone, Senior Vice President of Consumers Energy.

      But officials warn the power could go back out this weekend if the temperature warms up melting the ice on already low-hanging tree limbs.

      ??We could lose some more customers Friday and Saturday as that occurs because it will be bringing down those power lines and we'll have to come back out and re-restore that power to those customers,?? adds Malone.

      That??s not the news Holmes and neighbors want to hear.

      ??It??s really a mess out here but that's Mother Nature. You can't do nothing about Mother Nature,?? adds Holmes.