Warmer today, but cooler than two years ago

Although we were a little below our average high of 82° today, it was still a lot more seasonable than it was two years ago when we had record heat!

Today's temperatures made a nice recovery after a cool day yesterday with record low maximums at Saginaw and Flint.

Both of the above locations reached 78° for a high today.

This is just 4° below our long-term average high for the date of 82°, but nowhere near the record-setting, triple digit heat we had just two years ago (image 1).

Saginaw had a record high of 100° on July 17, 2012, while Flint set a new record high by reaching 101°.

It was just another day in the long, hot Summer of 2012 that ended up being the 14th hottest on record in Flint and the 7th hottest on record in Saginaw.

(Temperature records date back to 1921 in Flint, and 1900 in Saginaw.)

I've heard several people remark that 2013 was a cool Summer for us, and that we're cooler than we usually are so far in the Summer of 2014.

But if you look at the numbers, that's not the case.

In Flint, the Summer of 2013 was actually just shy of one degree above average.

June of 2014 was 2.6° above average, and July is running 1.5° below average so far.

The numbers are very similar in Saginaw where the Summer of 2013 was slightly above average.

So far the Summer of 2014 in Saginaw is almost spot-on average with June 2014 being 2.5° above average and July being 2.5° below average.

So why does it seem like we're in the midst of "yet another cool Summer"?

I personally think the Summer of 2012 is still fresh in people's minds, and perhaps some would argue we "deserve" a hot summer after having one of our coldest Winters on record.

But don't despair if you're a warm weather lover!

This weekend, you'll get your wish.

Click on the video for a look at your 7 day forecast.