Warming up and cooling down all in the same week

Ok, I have never been happier to see additional sunshine.

Monday was going to start the week off warm anyway, but now the system to our north will clear out early.

Tonight we can expect drizzle, and a few flurries while we continue to warm overnight.

Then, Monday afternoon the system moves off and we should abruptly go from mostly cloudy, to partly, to sunny.

That extra boost will raise us to 50 degrees, and possibly a bit higher.

Most models agree with the warm-up, and I am using the fact we overshot our expected highs Friday as a good basis for tomorrow.

We have been overshooting a lot, I don't see any reason we would not tomorrow.

By mid-week the Ohio Valley gets blasted with a hefty snowstorm, we do not.

We do get a glancing blow however so expect an inch of snow, possibly a tad more from Tuesday night through the day Wednesday,

Roads will be slick, plan accordingly, we have made it too far through this winter for any more people to go off the road.

The sun blasts its way through the clouds on Thursday and stays all the way through Saturday, warming us to 40 again for Friday and very near for Saturday.

Watching for a chance of a mix on Sunday, but at this point is is just a minor mention.

There is an issue with the warming now, flooding.

We are gradually warming, this is good, but 50 is a bit above normal and ponding tomorrow and added melting Tuesday will lead to freezing Tuesday night, and a good set-up for minor flooding later.

We will have more on what to expect from flooding later this week when we start to grab more heat and prepare for major snow melt.

For now, enjoy the sun and a break from the cold, until Wednesday night anyway.