Warrior Dash draws hundreds to Mt. Morris

The warriors came from near and far. Hundreds of Michiganders braving the elements to give the warrior dash a try.

â??Everyone is acting like a big kid out here today,â?? says Patrick Dobbs. â??It's a way to have a good time with your friends and get involved."

Theyâ??re running over nets and through fire and get this---they actually paid somebody to do this..

â??Wouldn't you?,â?? says Marissa Pittsley.

â??My mom paid for me to do this,â?? says Matt McAlpine. It was a Christmas present actually,â?? he adds.

â??Itâ??s clearly not your typical run.

â??Normal runs are way too boring,â?? says McAlpine.

â??I agree, says Pittsley. â??It was a good time.â??

While the warriors are having a blast, so are businesses. Representatives from Gander Mountain joined in on the fun---literally spraying people with mud.

â??Weâ??re also out here promoting the brands we carry in the Gander Mountain stores, all the cross training shoes people are wearing today as well as giving coupons from the stores," says Patrick Dobbs who works for Gander Mountain.

The warriors are going to need that coupon as evidenced by the pile of worn out shoes near the exit.

â??People come from all over Michigan for this event and it's just great exposure for us,â?? says Dobbs.

Whether itâ??s getting doused with mud or running over flames, it seems everyone at warrior dash is having a fun and messy time.

â??A lot of running, a lot of mud,â?? says Tara Davis of Lapeer.