Watch the Genesee Towers implosion

The Genesee Towers the day of the scheduled implosion.

The Genesee Towers are expected to be brought down this morning at 10.

The implosion is expected to last about 6 seconds. 200 construction workers will be on site with at least 70 first responders on stand-by.

1,000 pounds of explosives will bring be used, and it is expected to send a dust cloud as high as 140 feet into the air.

Construction on the Genesee Towers started in 1966 and finished in 1968.

The 19-story building is the tallest building in Genesee County.

The building has had many owners over the years, with the latest being the Uptown Reinvestment Corporation, who bought the building for $1 back in August of 2012.

An exploration park is currently planned for the space.