Water main breaks, destroys goods at Bay County non-profit

Winter weather continues to haunt Mid-Michigan.

A Bay County non-profit and the families they serve bearing the brunt of the storm.

"Do-All, Incorporated" is asking the community to do a little more after a pipe burst in their Do-Care Family Enrichment Center earlier this week destroying goods meant for families in need.

"We work with families whose children are sleeping on the floor," said Director, Kristal Corrion.

The mattresses meant for those children, now, destroyed.

"We lost a lot of mattresses and box springs, dressers, towels, bedding. It's gone," said Corrion.

Kristal Corrion got the phone call earlier this week.

A water main to the do care non profit storage facility broke.

"On Monday I got a call at two o'clock in the afternoon that there was water gushing out of my building," she said.

The former movie theater was under nearly four feet of water in some spots.

Damage specialists have been working lengthy hours across Mid-Michigan.

They are now working to drain the saturated building and salvage the goods meant for families in Bay County.

"My heart breaks though for families that were due to receive these items. All the beds that were destroyed were scheduled to go out to families on Tuesday. So what a difference a day makes."

Do-Care is accepting all donations including mattresses, beds, clothing, towels and diapers.

You can drop off items at the Cat's Meow located on Pine Road in Hampton Township.

You can also visit Do-All, Inc. online.