Water shut off due to $41,000 unpaid water bill

An unpaid bill shuts the water off at a mobile home park.

Some didn't have service for more than 24-hours.

Sheila Edmiston says she watches her five grandkids at her home in Sunset Village Mobile Home Park on the southside of Flint.

She saw a city utility vehicle pull up Tuesday.

"Nine AM the City of Flint came out and shut us off," says Edmiston.

The stoppage kept her from bathing the kids, giving them water to drink, and flushing toilets.

The city says it turned it off because the park owner owes $41,000 in overdue water bills.

Since the city's running in the red, it can't afford to float anyone.

Edmiston says, "I was shocked. I started calling everybody in the park, 'Hey they're shutting the water off.'"

She says she's always paid on time.

Somehow Wednesday morning while NBC25 was at her trailer, a maintenance person managed to restore the water. It's a relief for Edmiston who is no longer high and dry.

NBC25 called the park manager's office. The person who answered refused to identify themselves and would not comment.

Water is now restored to all 50 homes in the park.