Weather Garden Farmers' Market Info


It TMs a great time of year to get out to your favorite farmers TM market. If you don TMt like to garden, farmers TM markets are the way to get great fresh produce that possibly is even grown here in Michigan. The food is so fresh at the farmers' markets. In fact, it is usually picked that morning for the more perishable items. I like the fact that I can talk to the farmer directly and ask how the produce was raised. Take strawberries for example. The strawberries in the store have a lot of pesticide residue on them. How do I know? I can taste it, and it TMs not too appetizing. The pesticides also take a healthy fruit and ruin it. At the farmers TM market I TMm able to ask the farmer if all those chemicals are used on the food. In many cases, because it TMs a smaller operation with personal care for the plants, pesticides aren TMt used. In fact, when vegetables and fruits are grown in a more cared for way, they often don TMt need the chemicals. We have some great farmers TM markets here in Mid-Michigan. The farmers TM market in Flint is rather sizeable. Saginaw also has a great farmers TM market right downtown. Bay City, Midland, and other cities have wonderful markets as well. Lapeer and some other markets have received a grant to double up the amount of food for bridge card users. You TMll have to check ahead to see if the farmers TM market you are going to has the grant. If you are not sure where the farmers TM market is in your area, you can go to this link: It has a market locator.