What do you think is most responsible for the drop in crime in Saginaw?

According to a recent FBI report, violent crime in Saginaw has dropped 34% in just two years.

Currently, the city has already seen 21% less crime than last year at this time. Homicide numbers alone have seen a significant drop in recent years.

Monday morning, NBC25 spoke with Chief Gerald Cliff of the Saginaw Police Department about the drop in crime. Chief Cliff says new technologies, like the Shot Spotter, and community efforts are partially the reason for the drop since he TMs been the head of the department.

NBC25 also spoke with Pastor Larry Camel, the leader of a group of pastors called Parishioners on Patrol. The group sacrifices their time and energy to reaching the city, especially the youth, in an effort to guide them away from crime and violence. Beginning in October, the group is even working on 100 days of non-violence- an effort designed to keep the streets safe for at least 100 days, in hopes that it will create a pattern that will continue.

You can watch the NBC25 Today Show interviews with both Chief Cliff and Pastor Camel in the video section above.

What do you think is most responsible for the drop in crime in Saginaw? Do you think other Mid-Michigan communities should follow Saginaw TMs example to reduce crime, or do you think each community is unique in how they handle crime? Vote on our poll and leave us your comments below.