What's being done about dead dogs found in Flint?

Dozens of dead dogs are being discovered in abandoned areas of Flint. NBC 25 is asking who is responsible and what is being done to stop it.

Genesee County officials are undecided on how to handle investigations of several dog dumping sites in the City of Flint.

Amado Saldana lives only blocks from several areas where people have found dead dogs.

"They just have no mercy; they fought â??em then shot â??em," said Saldana.

Flint's blight team is handling Saldana's calls about dead dogs in accordance with their protocol.

"Put it in a bag and put it by the curb and let the trash haulers take care of that," said County Commissioner Pegge Adams.

Some people worry that the city is disposing of evidence that could lead to who is dumping the dead dogs.

She says they can't investigate each case of dead dogs found in Flint.

"We're taxed just dealing with public safety issues,â?? said Adams.

She suggests a partnership with city police could stop dog fighting that leads to dumping dead dogs.

"We canâ??t go out there and break up a dog fighting ring with a catch pole and a little tranquilizer gun. That's just not a possibility," said Adams.

Flint Police Chief James Tolbert tells NBC 25 the department is open to tapping into any resources leading to arrests.

"It's just terrible. People should take care of their dogs instead of fighting them," said Saldana.

Chief Tolbert says when city employees handle the dead dogs they are supposed to call in any suspicion of illegal activity.