Who should lead the City of Flint?

Darryl Buchanan is a former Flint city administrator and city councilman.

There are now less than five weeks until election night in the city of Flint.

Tuesday the two candidates in the upcoming general election, Mayor Dayne Walling and challenger Darryl Buchanan, squared off in a 90 minute debate at Mt. Olive Baptist Church.

Walling found himself on the defensive about on-going issues in Flint, including the FBI's investigation into the possible misuse of an energy grant awarded to the city, as well as Flint's distinction of being the 'most violent city in America.'

"We're doing it with less resources than we've ever had to work with in the city's history," said Walling, when defending why he has laid off numerous Flint police officers and firefighters.

"The reason that the state is here, is because Mr. Walling did not follow the deficit reduction plan that was layed out by acting Mayor (Mike) Brown," said Buchanan, in reference to the state's on-going review of Flint's finances.

The two candidates will take part in another debate on October 13th, at the New Jerusalem Baptist Church.

Voters will head to the polls on November 8th to cast their ballot in the general election for which man they think should lead the City of Flint.

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