Widespread power outages hitting Bay and Midland Counties


Consumers Energy says as of 9 this morning, all power has been restored.

The spokesperson for Consumers Energy said that the problem was likely a lightning strike that hit a power pole in a key area. This then lead to about a dozen substations going down.


Consumers Energy says there are 12,200 locations without power in Bay County and 2,400 in Midland County.

A spokesperson for Consumers Energy says that they don't yet know why the power is out or if the power outages in the two counties are related.

Bay County Central Dispatch is reporting that there are many intersections where the traffic lights are no longer working.

Several school closings have resulted from the power outages. Delta College is on a 2-hour delay. You can see the full listing of closings here.

NBC25 is staying in contact with Consumers Energy and will keep you updated on the situation as it continues.

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