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      Wieber fever hits Michigan

      Forget Bieber Fever. The Twistars have Wieber Fever -- Jordyn Wieber, that is.

      "We had a camp here a couple of weeks ago and the kids were just mesmerized," says Kathryn Geddert, owner of Geddert's Twistars.

      "She's a really cool kid. She has a lot of drive and determination. It's great working with her she definitely pushes you a lot," adds teammate Grace Williams.

      Wieber's been training at Twistars for 14 years. She's the envy of little girls everywhere, and is putting her gym on the map.

      "After she won worlds it was a crazy week because it was media week in here and there were interviewers and TV crews. It was insane," says teammate Camrin Moore.

      And it's not every day you get to train next to a world champion and Olympian.

      "She can do flips on the beam and I just watch her to see what she can do," says Jeanette Grimes.

      "Just to see her training, it's really inspirational," Moore said. "Just her work ethic is a lot different than everyone else's. She expects perfection from herself and that's what makes her the best."

      Despite Wieber not qualifying for the all-around final, the Twistars will be glued to the TV, rooting for their teamate to take home Olympic team gold.

      "I would say good luck in the Olympics and win the gold medal," Grimes said.