Winter is still throwing snowy punches

Winter is pulling its arm back to throw another punch this coming week.

It is not as bad as it seems however.

After getting down to the single digits tonight, we get up to the mid 20's Sunday, far below normal that should be in the upper 40s at least.

Monday we start the week with sun, but Monday night more snow returns.

At this point it looks like 1-2 inches, but this number will change so stick with us while we keep our eyes on it.

Then, it's Springs turn to throw a punch.

We start progressively warming up towards Friday, which ends up being the peak very near if not at 50 degrees.

A mix of rain and snow will also be likely on Thursday so watch for a repeat chance of what we had Friday night.

Overall, we will be staying below normal into April.

I do not see any reason with the model trends that we will see a complete warm-up to normal for the next week to 2 weeks.

Be ready for the snow, and we'll see if we can get a little more relief after the warm end on Friday,