Winter throws sucker-punch with March snowstorm

"I'm just so ready to see something green!" says Amy Kelsey.

And she's not alone.

After 2 days with spring-like warmth and sunshine, winter threw a sucker-punch.

Mid-Michigan residents are fed up, and looking for some relief.

"I'm looking at this like this is the last desperate attempt of winter" Amy says.

"I'm laughing at it, it's just not going to work, I see that the end is near and I believe".

An end that after today's storm seems further away, even though warmth returns by the end of the week.

And while a snowstorm, in March, is not unheard of it is not entirely welcome either.

"I got real excited about spring, but there's always that one huge snowstorm in March" says Tiff Sommers.

"It's just a tease, it hurts".

Business owners saying winter blast after blast also hurts them.

"It's good and it's bad. Good for kids when they're off school, bad for business people in general because people hesitate to come out in this weather" says William Pierce, owner of Flint Optical.

But people continue to venture out in the storm because...

"When in Michigan, that's the way it is" says William.