Winter weather presses scanner posters

Flint Police Operations and Genesee County Scanners are volunteer organizations that serve the same purpose. Posting scanner traffic online to places like Facebook and Twitter.

Winter weather over the past few weeks is giving volunteers from both organizations all they can handle. But thatâ??s giving them a better perspective to continue service for more than 100,000 followers collectively online.

"Everyone pushes themselves a little bit extra when we have these kinds of conditions happening," said Genesee County Scanners administrator Deborah Hostetler.

Genesee County Scanners and Flint Police Operations are taking a step back and looking back at a wild few weeks of weather.

"We learned a lot about that actually we learned a lot about our response times the in depth that we have to be," said Flint Police Operations administrator Joe Pozzi.

In depth postings about traffic conditions and crime inform people whatâ??s happening around them. But the organizations limit the specifics about certain crimes and incidents to protect emergency crews and people.

"No names are given no direct addresses are given. Itâ??s only to the nearest hundred or thousand block," said Pozzi.

"We get your address your name your license numbers everything which is broadcasted over a public scanner; we don't publish any of that,â?? said Hotetler.

Burton Fire Chief Doug Halstead calls the volunteers a valuable resource and a public service.

Joe Pozzi from FPO says getting tips and help online has caught the attention of thousands of followers and the city of Flint.

"We are looking forward to working with the city here. We have some meetings set up with city administration," said Pozzi.

But after a hectic few weeks of weather postings both organizations say they are in need of volunteers.

Join Genesee County Scanners and Flint Police Operations.