Winter weather slows down drivers

Weather conditions are giving drivers a hard time. The Michigan Department of Transportation says they are working to best protect motorists.

"The slush is really icy and I didn't know that. I got sideways and couldn't control it and hit the ditch,â?? said Anthony Green.

Changing weather is keeping the Michigan Department of Transportation busy. Tapping into their tons of salt and spreading roadways.

"What we rely on the salt for is actually to break the bond between the pavement and snow or ice on there so we can safely remove it with our snow plow blades,â?? said MDOT Associate Regional Engineer Gregg Brunner.

Crews working on I-75 giving motorists a clear passage.

"The highways are clear, they are pretty nice,â?? said motorist Danielle Bard.

MDOT says because rain is in the forecast clearing their drains are a priority.

"So that if it does continue to rain we don't run into any flooding issues,â?? said Brunner.

Drivers were called in the night before the wintery mix hit.

"Overall at MDOT safety is our number one goal and we ask that motorists out there with these weather conditions to drive safely,â?? said Brunner.

Despite efforts MDOT says they can't hit every road. Drivers struggled with slush in rural areas.

"It was mainly snow and melting snow so it created a dirty slush and it will suck you to the side so be careful,â?? said Bard.

A message Anthony Green didn't get.

"Kinda did a 360 over a driveway and landed, it didn't end up too well,â?? said Green.

Slushy conditions are still around back roads tomorrow morning there could be some patchy ice spots. But look for that snow to melt away.