Without time or money the Buena Vista School District is shifting focus

The Buena Vista School Districts struggles are continuing this time shifting the focus to the parents and students while the districts most valuable resource runs thin.

"We have very little time to get this done," said Michigan Senator Roger Kahn.

Kahn is concerned for the students and parents in Buena Vista as time is becoming an issue.

"The amount of time available for finding a solution for our school district. Buena vista is being compromised," said Kahn.

Compromised by other issues being debated in the house like medicaid funding.

After poor turnout at todayâ??s open board meeting school district officials have their hands tied.

"The parents need to be here and they are not and it makes it more difficult without their backing and support," said Buena Vista Superintendent Deborah Hunter-Harvill.

Without money money or support officials are turning to another option.

"Its right here in front of us. Start now looking for a place for your child to go to school in September," said Hunter-Harvill.

The school district will not have any definitive answers until next week plays out they say by then they will have an answer.