Wolf rally invades Lansing

Michigan wolf

Supporters of Keep Michigan Wolves are holding a rally today, on the State Capitol steps to protest new Senate Bills. They would ensure wolf hunting in the state. This comes after thousands of Michigan residents (253,000), signed petitions that would add wolves to the list of game species.

The new Senate bills would bypass that referendum process by allowing the Natural Resources Commission to add wolves to the list to be hunted.

The Keep Their Paws Off Our Laws rally also features speakers involved in the 2006 ballot referendum that overturned Michigan dove hunting law .

According to a news release, speakers include Jill Fritz, director of KMWP; Dr. John Vucetich, wolf expert and Associate Professor of Wildlife Ecology at Michigan Technological University; Julie Baker, campaign manager for the 2006 ballot referendum that overturned Michigan dove hunting law.

Also, according to the Keep Michigan Wolves Protected group:

  • The Department of Natural Resources recently announced that Michiganâ??s wolf population decreased from 687 to 658, according to its 2012 survey.

  • More than 2,000 Michigan residents volunteered for Keep Michigan Wolves Protected.

  • Despite the wolf population's status, the Michigan legislature rushed a bill through in December 2012, opening the door to the same practices that virtually eradicated the wolf population in the first place.