Woman asked to leave dining area for breastfeeding

It was the first night Nena Woodall and her family dined at the Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in Flint Township.

"We went in there and my daughter got fussy, so I took my coat off and covered up my shoulder and everything, and started nursing her," Woodall said.

Nena claims the manager on duty asked her to take her baby in the restroom to breastfeed in private. Nena refused and left the restaurant instead.

"It really upset me because I have three children, I TMve nursed all three of them, and I TMve never had something like that happen to me before," said Woodall.

Buffalo Wild Wings District Manager Mike Lichocky says the mom was simply to move to a private area because she was offending other patrons.

"She was never asked to leave, she said she was leaving on her own terms, there is no real official policy we have, nursing mothers come in I wouldn't say on a regular basis, but we do have them come in, we've never asked them to leave," Lichocky said.

Nena says she showed respect to other patrons by covering up.

"You have women who walk around with cleavage and their breast hanging out and they're not kicked out of restaurants because of it, and they show more than what someone would have seen the day I was breastfeeding my child," Woodall said.

Nena asked how could something so natural be so wrong.

"I just feel that it's important that women be able to have this right to be able to do this because it's what our bodies were designed to do," Woodall said.

The waiter did apologize for the incident and hopes the family will feel comfortable coming back.

The mom say's she is taking her fight to the corporate office.

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