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      Woman charged with child abuse in connection to death of her 6-year old daughter

      6-year old Avril Johnson was taken to McLaren in full cardiac arrest and died Wenesday.

      31-year old April Foster of Detroit was charged Sunday with child abuse in connection to the death of her 6-year old daughter Avril Johnson.

      Avril was taken to McLaren in Flint Wednesday March 7th in full cardiac arrest. Avril was pronounced dead just after 7:00 p.m. According to court documents obtained by NBC25 Avril had burns, bruises, cuts, open sores and possibly both arms were broken.

      Flint Police arrested April Foster and several others.

      Court documents also show that Foster's older daughter told police April bought cotton balls and bandages to to try and take care of Avril before driving the 6-year old to a Flint hospital.

      According to court documents April Foster has a CPS history that includes physical abuse and improper supervision of her children in Wayne County during 2010 and 2011.

      Avril's paternal grandmother Pamela Johnson told WDIV in Detroit that she hadn't been allowed to see her granddaughter in two years. She says she is devastated by the loss.

      "She was so intelligent. She was so smart. She would even give her older sister advice," said Pamela Johnson.

      Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton told NBC25 that police are still investigationg the case and the exact cause of Avril's death is not clear. Leyton said Foster's other child was remove from her custody as a safety precaution.

      Foster is expected to make a court appearance on Tuesday.