Woman found guilty after fiance' jumps from van and dies

Update- March 3, 2011 at 9:30 am:

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Jen Carufel says, "she shouldnt get any time...its funny a friend had her husband and daughter killed by someone that ignored a stop sign and got nothing for you get a woman whos boyfriend decided on his own to jump out of a car maybe 5 years..huh???"

Terry Beckwith-Fisher comments, "Wrong, wrong, wrong........the idiot decided on his own free will to jump out of a moving car....why should she be punished for it?"

Denise Schenk replies, "well....u don't just leave someone u love laying on the side of the road. just sayin," and Katie Kate agrees stating, "She should get the 5 years for leaving him there... She deserves it."

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Her fiance' jumped out of her van and died. But Wednesday, a jury finds her responsible for leaving the scene and NBC25 cameras are the only ones in court.

It was February 21, 2011, 28-year-old Jessica Chubb was driving her minivan on Kinde Road in Huron County.

Her fiance', 42-year-old Robert Arntz, was in the passenger seat.

they started arguing and robert jumped out at 45 to 55 miles per hour.

Chubb says she kept power-locking the door trying to keep him from exiting.

She says she tugged at his coat trying to keep him from getting out.

Once he jumped, Chubb says she went to get Arntz's sister to calm him down.

She made several calls to family and friends, but did not call police until hours later.

Doctors say Arntz died of a combination of a skull fracture, hypothermia, and a coma.

On the witness stand, Jessica Chubb said, "I never would have left him there knowing he was hurt like that. I wouldn't. I wish I could change the whole thing. You don't even know how much that goes through my head."

Sentencing will be April 18th.

Chubb could spend five years in prison.