Woman gives birth on I-75

Dustin holding William.

"I thought wow, this is actually happening" says Morgan Dame.

On the shoulder of I-75 in Bay county, on Tuesday morning, William Pfeiffer made his snowy debut.

Dustin and his wife Katie were on their way to Covenant Hospital in Saginaw when Kate went into labor.

"As I pulled over I mean I could basically see the baby's head" says Dustin.

"Morgan and Katie were saying you know you just need to go, if we just go we're kinda close".

"Everything was going great and then all of a sudden she was like the baby's coming" says Morgan, Dustin and Katie's friend who delivered the baby.

And that's when Morgan and Dustin sprang into action.

"She jumped on the center console and Dustin just like touched the baby's head, and Morgan pulled him out and set him on me" says Katie.

"I pulled the baby out and made sure he was wrapped up and breathing" Morgan says.

"The ambulance arrived about 8 minutes later and that's when we jumped in and rode to the hospital" says Katie.

William arrived a healthy baby, at 7 pounds 8 ounces and just under 20 inches long.

A warm little blessing on a cold March morning along I-75.

Both Katie and William are doing very well and their daughter Hayden is excited to have a new little brother.