Woman's body found at gun range

A woman's body was found near a gun range in Buena Vista Township. / Allison Hillaker

This story has been updated and a Buena Vista Police Officer has been charged. You can read the new updates here.

A week has passed since the death of Jennifer Marie Webb, and police and the prosecutor's office continue to remain silent on the investigation.

Jenny Webb's family and friends gathered at the Bridgeport Township Pavillion Friday night for a candlelight vigil to remember Webb and her unborn son, Braxton James."Vivacious, energetic, spontaneous. Just a beautiful person," said family friend Deb Nussear, who had known Jenny since she was a little girl. Saturday was a day of mourning for those closest to Jenny, and a memorial service was held in her honor. Edward Davis, a family friend said, "This person not only killed a woman, whoever that person may be but, they took two lives. They took the life of an infant."

You can read her full obituary below:

Last week 32-year-old's body was found near a police gun range in Buena Vista Township.

The Saginaw County prosecutor Mike Thomas is labeling the death of Webb and her unborn child as a homicide investigation. Thomas would not comment about suspects, but says witnesses are being cooperative. Detectives are working late into the evening. Troopers are speaking directly with Webb's family who remain guarded and grieving. Thomas says, "It's a tragedy. It's as serious a situation as you can find. A young lady who was going to be giving birth shortly and had a baby that most likely would have survived and so basically we've lost two people here."

An autopsy is complete, but they're not releasing the findings yet.

Friends and family continue to mourn while the investigation continues. "She had a bubbly personality. She was always so upbeat. You could be feeling doom and gloom and she would come in and put a smile on your face," said Barry Beer, a former co-worker of Webb's. Beer says he worked with Jenny at Anderson Logistics in Birch Run. He says he moved to Virginia but kept in touch with her through Facebook. He says he was shocked to hear of Jenny's death. "It's hard to wrap your head around something like this because she's the last person you would expect this to happen to because she had no enemies," said Beer.

"It was a shock to me because I can't believe anyone would do that to her," says Steve Wobig, who says he's lived next to Jenny for seven years. Steve says she lived alone and took care of herself as well as anyone who needed her help. "She was a really nice neighbor, friendly, nice to everybody. She always said 'Hi' and if you needed any help she would help you. She will really be missed."

She most recently worked at P.F. Markey Incorporated and graduated from Bridgeport High in 1997. A cheerleader and life-long resident of the area, Webb had several siblings and spent time at the Candlelite Bowling and Banquet Center in Bridgeport Township.

The owner says he can still see Jenny's smiling face. He says he feels sorry for the family who has to deal with two tragedies, the death of a daughter and a grandchild.