Work piling up for contractors as rain continues

"The weather is holding us up from doing a lot of our work" says Steven VanTol of Tree House Construction.

Mother nature is keeping the tap open forcing contractors to sit around, helplessly.

This weeks rain adding to the delay contractors are already dealing with after our brutal winter.

"I know there's a lot of roofers right now that are behind the eight ball that are not able to keep caught up with what's going on" says Steven.

Rain pushing work further down the to-do list leaving roofs open to the elements.

"This house that we're at today had the damage done back in November and the original roofing contractor is so far behind that he can't get to it" Steven says.

So the work keeps piling up until the sun returns and dries things out.

"Once it's done raining we can get in there and tear off roofs and start putting them back together so we don't cause more damage" he says.

And Steven is ready to put in long hours of work to get caught up.

"We'll be right back out, working every day" Steven says.