World's Tallest Ride: Drop of Doom

Asbury Park Press

If you've ever been to Cedar Point, think of a ride that's one part "Top Thrill Dragster" and one part "Power Tower".

In New Jersey they are planning one whopper of a coaster: a record breaker, the worldâ??s tallest drop-tower ride.

Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey is making way for "â??Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom". The drop is 8 stories, taller than the Statue Liberty. Let the hype begin.

It will replace the iconic " Rolling Thunder" , a 35-year-old coaster, which has delivered 42 million rides.

Zumanjaroâ??s three towers, each 41 stories tall, will be nestled inside Kingda Ka, the tallest coaster in the world. Each Zumanjaro tower will hold a gondola of eight riders, who will watch Kingda Kaâ??s trains rocket toward them at 128 mph.

From the top, riders will see Philadelphia. Rolling Thunder is set to close Sept. 8.