Writer calls Flint-built truck a winner

L.J. Lobsinger

"L J the Car Guy" says consumers are going to love the new Flint-built 2014 Chevy Silverado. L.J. Lobsinger is a national writer and columnist for publications like Car and Driver and Esquire. He's attended more than his share of North American International Auto Shows in Detroit. Lobsinger attended Monday's Press Preview of the event and likes the new GM truck. He admits GM has to hit a homerun with the Silverado and GMC Sierra, since the full size truck market is such a profit center for the Big 3 US automakers.

Lobsinger estimates GM makes about 10 thousand dollars in profit on each truck it sells. The competition is fierce. Ford just showed off its new F-150 truck and Chrysler's Ram 1500 was just named "Truck of the Year" at the show.

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