"Yes" to public safety millage increase

Arson and homicide are just two issues emergency workers face each day on the streets of Flint. Budget cuts have stricken each departments ability to do their job.

Flint residents have voted to provide a public safety tax to keep emergency jobs and equipment in their city.

"With the amount of crime we have had lately not to mention the police layoffs in the past. And i know on the one hand they were necessary financially, but ultimately it is something this city really needs,â?? said Emily Smith.

The five year 6 million dollar millage increase is an effort to stabilize the city's safety departments. Flint Mayor Dayne Walling's office says it is a huge step for flint, however some residents concerns.

"What kind of protection is they going to give us? When we call 911 they ask you 90 questions and you still don't get a response,â?? said Cisero Hunt.

Above all Cisero Hunt hopes the money is well spent. Because he knows his city is in need.

"They need help i can understand that because of the circumstances with all the fires here that's going on. The city needs help,â?? said Hunt.

The first year of the millage increase will add about 10 positions. Without the millage the city was scheduled to lose the same amount.

"And we need that for protection you know. And hopefully that will keep some of us safe,â?? said W.B Williams.

In harsh economic times, the city voting in a tax increase for safety is considered by some residents incredible and a light of hope.