You can be a hero

Matt Langdon

Forget about Superman, swooping in to save Louis Lane. Heroes can happen in everyday life. How do you become one? And what is heroic? Some local men are out to show you.

Adam Hartley and Matt Langdon are the organizers of the 1st Hero Round Table.They appeared on NBC 25 Today to talk about the event. Hartley is an assistant superintendenith the Swartz Creek Schools. Langdon played a role at a similar event last year called 'TED x Flint".

The Hero Round Table is being touted as "the first interdisciplinary conference on heroism. Experts from all walks of life will take to the stage to share their knowledge. Attendees from schools, businesses, the creative arts, and the news media will be taking information back to their home towns in order to create heroes and heroism".

Among the featured speakers: Dr. Philip Zimbardo (pictured right) in a rare appearance in the Midwest and 19 other experts from across the globe.

It will be held Saturday and Sunday November 9 and 10 at Swartz Creek High School.

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