You can help local families in need

North End Soup Kitchen

Can you help us out? C'mon we don't ask for much. We're sponsoring a little food drive to benefit Catholic Charities. Actually we hope it turns into a big food drive, to help the North End Soup Kitchen, and 2 other places that help the less fortunate.

The 25 Day Food Drive is sponsored by NBC 25 and Dort Federal Credit Union.

We're asking you to take non-perishable food items to any one of the Dort Federal locations between now and the end of the year. Thanks in advance.

Where the that food go? Among the 170 thousand meals served every year by Catholic Charities at the North End Soup kitchen is lunch for kids.

Children like 3 year old Patricia Hyuck. Her mom, who's also named Patricia is the mother of 6. She says she likes going down with her family, because they can't afford a hot meal on many days. She volunteers herself at another soup kitchen.

The head of the Soup Kitchen says the need is even greater this year. Jon Manse says Genesee County is really very generous and he's hoping this food drive will fill the cupboards at the Soup Kitchen. He says our region doesn't have the jobs that it used to, so more and more families are forced to get meals, at the kitchen.

The majority of the pople who work at the kitchen do it out of the kindness of their hearts. Among them: Elinor Gach and Barbara Brophy. Brophy says, "there but for the grace of God goes me". Flint is a better place because of ladies like these.

What do they need down at the soup kitchen? Jon says essentials: beans, rice, corn, and any kind of tomato product. When sales ocur: he says to buy in bulk: some for your family and some for the Soup Kitchen. That way, everybody benefits.