Zimmerman billboard creates controversy in Flint

It's a big sign with a bold message and the owner is not backing down. He wants a not guilty verdict in this trial and he wants all of Flint to know it.

There are no ifs,ands or buts about it---Donald Sampson hopes George Zimmerman is found not guilty in his second-degree murder trial.

â??Under the exact same circumstances, I would've done the exact same thing,â?? says Sampson.

The Flint business owner says the neighborhood watchman was justified when he pulled the trigger, killing 17-year old Trayvon Martin.

â??Had the young man (Martin) not turned around and attacked him and beat his head into the concrete, he'd be alive today,â?? says Sampson. He says he posted the sign after watching hours upon hours of the trial.

â??I believe the jury's gonna find him not guilty,â?? says Sampson.

Heâ??s not happy with where the trial is headed but some Flint neighbors aren't happy with his sign.

â??Thatâ??s a big sign. I ain't (sic) never seen it,â?? says Alono Hill of Flint. â??Maybe some people should put up a sign that says justice for Trayvon,â?? he adds.

â??I think that's messed up,â?? says Amy Causby.

Sampson, a former police officer and security guard, says he's heard it all before.

â??Iâ??m prejudiced, racist, whatever. Many of my friends are black, African American, Black American, whatever they prefer to be called,â?? says Sampson. â??And to say Iâ??m doing this because of that is nonsense,â?? he adds.

His employees at Junk Iron and Metal on Center Road are supporting him...

â??Itâ??s not prejudiced and racist,â?? says Joel Jones, who has worked for Sampson for 10 years. â??This man helps people everyday,â?? he adds.

â??Iâ??m doing this because this is the right thing to do,â?? adds Sampson.