AG Bill Schuette reacts to new motion filed by Dr. Larry Nassar's attorneys

LANSING, Mich. (SINCLAIR BROADCAST GROUP) - A new development surfaced in the criminal investigation into former Michigan State University Dr. Larry Nassar.

Nassar's attorneys are asking a judge to limit the disclosure or opinion about the sexual assault case by Attorney General Bill Schuette.

Last week, Schuette called Nassar a monster.

Schuette also said Nassar's alleged conduct was despicable and disgusting.

Attorneys for Nassar say the Attorney General’s comments were improper statements.

In an interview you will only see here, Political Reporter Nick Minock got reaction from the Attorney General about this new development and what it means for this case.

“I'm not worried about what might happen [in regards to the new motion],” said Schuette. “The fact is my job is to enforce the law. The allegations we filed against Dr. Nassar are substantive. They will stand up in court.”

On Thursday, Schuette didn’t back down from criticizing the former MSU doctor for his alleged conduct.

“How he abused and violated young women under the authority of power and stature as a physician and how he abused these young ladies is disgusting. It is deplorable,” said Schuette. “...There's only one conclusion that you can come to... The guy (Nassar) is a monster."

More than 80 women and girls have made sexual assault allegations against Nassar.

Schuette says he will seek the maximum sentence of life in prison for the more than two dozen criminal charges Nassar faces in court.

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