IN TRUMP THEY TRUST: NBC News visits Bay City to speak with Trump voters

President Donald Trump won the White House by flipping several traditionally "blue" states to "red" states-- including Michigan. The last Republican presidential candidate to win Michigan, before Trump, was George H. W. Bush in 1988. Donald Trump flipped 12 counties-- including Bay County-- to win Michigan in 2016.

NBC News political analyst Nicolle Wallace, who was President George W. Bush's communications director, was among many in the media who predicted Trump would not defeat Hillary Clinton in the election. Wallace is now visiting the key states that helped put Trump over the top. For a series of reports called "In Trump They Trust," Wallace is talking to voters who cast ballots for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012 but voted for Trump in 2016. Many say they had been lifelong Democrats, casting ballots for a GOP candidate for the first time.

On February 14th-- Valentine's Day-- Wallace visited Bay City where she met four voters. One was Bay County GOP chairman Brandon DeFrain. The other three, including DeFrain's brother were GOP converts-- Brad Kloska who described himself as a third generation autoworker and lifelong Democrat; Dustin Denham, a first-time voter and the son of parents who are lifelong Democrats; and Jason DeFrain, also a first-time voter who cast his ballot for Bernie Sanders in the primary election.

NBC25 Today anchor Mike Woolfolk spoke with Wallace two days before the Bay County installment of "In Trump They Trust" was to air on the "Today Show." She shared what she learned from speaking with the Bay County voters and her insights about the new administration a little more than a month into President Trump's term.

Click on video for the complete interview.

To view "In Trump They Trust: Bay City" as it aired on the Today Show, click here.

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