House Republican's launch action plan focused on job growth, cutting taxes

LANSING, Mich. (SINCLAIR BROADCAST GROUP) - Michigan House Republicans launch their “Action Plan” one week after Gov. Rick Snyder unveiled his state budget proposal to lawmakers.

Newschannel 3 received a copy of the action plan before the document is set to be made public.

The 14-page document does not provide an in-depth analysis or specific endorsements of current and future legislation.

Instead, the House’s action plan provides explanations on where House Republicans will stand on key issues including: K-12 funding, reducing insurance rates, helping cities straddled with debt, fixing state roads, and stances on social issues like abortion.

On Wednesday, Policy Development Committee Chairman Rep. Tim Kelly told Political Reporter Nick Minock that House Republicans are committed to looking at reforming the state’s auto no fault policy that contributes to the high cost of insurance Michigander’s pay to operate vehicles.

Rep. Kelly also said Republicans will help local communities that are stuck with increasing labor and retirement costs.

Right now, local governments have more than $14 billion in debt in retiree health care and pensions, according to House Republicans.

The Republican plan also calls for the elimination of the state’s income tax, something Gov. Snyder isn’t on board with.

House Republicans have already passed a bill in the House Tax Policy Committee that would reduce the state’s income tax and eventually phase it out. That bill is being spearheaded by Republican Rep. Lee Chatfield.

The Republican plan also says House lawmakers will work to remove roadblocks to public access of government records.

In a rare bi-partisan press conference this year, House Republicans and House Democrats called on State Senators to pass a bill that would allow the public to request public documents from the Legislatures, governor, and lieutenant governor, by submitting a FOIA request.

A similar FOIA package died in the State Senate last year. It's unclear if State Senators will take a look at the House plan this year.

Rep. Kelly said House Republicans will also focus on fixing roads, expanding career opportunities in skilled trades, and extending internet service to rural areas.

But that’s not all.

Rep. Kelly also said he will push school choice legislation in his last term in the House.

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