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      Congressman Ryan accepts GOP Vice Presidential Nomination

      Congressman Paul Ryan energized thousands of supporters as he officially accepted the nomination for vice president Wednesday.

      Wednesday's big event, Paul Ryan addressing the convention for the first time as Mitt Romney's running mate.

      The message was all about creating jobs and security for the middle-class American family and that hard work creates success.

      It's exactly what local delegates wanted to hear.

      "This is what we're looking for is real strong leadership willing to take on big issues, ready to take on debt that has been piling up under current administration. Ready to actually move toward energy independence which we so desperately need to create jobs and ensure that we have lower prices for families and small businesses," says state Representative, Aric Nesbitt (MI), of the 80th district.

      Tomorrow's speeches will conclude with the long-awaited address from the GOP presidential nominee, Governor Mitt Romney.