Flint's Silverado HD awarded Motor Trend Award

Chevrolet brings home a rare double in the automotive world winning both the Motor Trend Car and Truck of the Year.

Local workers produce parts for the award-willing Chevrolet Volt. They also assemble the Silverado HD pickup, giving them plenty of reason to celebrate.

Flint Assembly worker from Pontiac, Danny Taylor, tells NBC25, "We are absolutely, positively the best in the world. The highest quality truck-building, second to none."

Workers at General Motors Flint Assembly see the fruit of their labor with the delivery of the 2011 Motor Trend Truck of the Year for the 2011 Chevrolet Silverado Heavy Duty, which they produce.

"The competition, they should be taking notes on how we build trucks," says Taylor.

Motor Trend uses six categories for criteria: design, engineering, efficiency, safety, value, and performance.

Motor Trend Editor-in-Chief Angus MacKenzie says, "Great vehicles don't just happen by magic. They're the product of a lot of blood, sweat, and tears from a lot of people."

The UAW says each worker puts pride in every vehicle they build. "It is our neighbor's truck. It could be our truck. We care about that more than ever. I think this bankruptcy kind of brought that to light. We know now that it's more important than ever to do the right things," says Dana Rouse, Shop Chairman for UAW Local 598.

GM Manufacturing Manager Larry Zahner told workers, "You are the eyes that make sure when the trucks leave here and leave Fort Wayne, they do exceed our customers expectations."

It's been ten years since the shop received the award, but workers believe they can start another trend by winning more.

In celebration of both the Chevy Silverado HD and Volt winning Motor Trend's Car and Truck awards, Flint Mayor Dayne Walling proclaimed January 19, 2011 "Chevrolet Day."