Ice rescue

Water rescues like this aren't uncommon in Michigan as many people take to the ice for recreational sport.

Families all across the state enjoy the waterways in Michigan.

During the winter season you catch families and friends chilling on the ice...

"We ice fish every winter, we probably go out once every week," said David Kern, a local Angler.

"Every couple of weeks we take the kids out, it's fun something to do during the winter."

As the weather heats up, ice on rivers and lakes melt down, it can be dangerous.

The ice is thick, but people have fallen in and needed serious help.

That's when this group steps in, the Saginaw County Dive Team, their mission, to save lives.

"If we were to have someone go through the ice or a car; we need to be able to work in that environment," said Lt. David Sommers of the Saginaw Dive Team.

You may be a great swimmer and think it's easy to get out, but it's not that simple.

Even with a safety suit and gadgets, I had a hard time.

"You only have a five to 10 minutes to get out you get so cold," said Lt. Sommers.

"The best thing to do is to kick like crazy."

And know the Saginaw County Dive Team is on the way.