Local graduate could purchase Detroit Pistons

1982 Genesee Wolves Varsity Baseball Team

Tom Gores is a local success story.

Originally from Israel, he moved to MidMichigan where he went to Genesee Schools.

From those humble beginnings, he went from simple student to billionaire status with a chance at owning the Detroit Pistons.

"I love to hear success stories, especially kids from Genesee. You look at kids that made it. This kid really made it," says Ken Foyder, former principal, athletic director, and teacher at Genesee Schools.

While Gores was one of the smallest players on his varsity baseball team in 1982, he's definitely the biggest in business.

"Great personality, real nice personality," says Foyder about the spark he saw in Gores at an early age that propelled him from the Genesee classrooms where teachers helped mold the mind of a millionaire and eventually a billionaire.

Forbes Magazine says Gores is worth more than $2-billion.

After becoming wealthy, Tom didn't forget the little people. He remembers Genesee Schools and donated a quarter million dollar running track.

Right now, he's got his sights set on owning the Detroit Pistons.

Officials with Gores' company, California-based Platinum Equity, say they can't comment because of a nondisclosure agreement...

However, the Detroit News reports gores has 30-days to negotiate with pistons to hammer out a deal.

Gores is a man with sports experience himself.

"Good player, he was my second baseman," says Foyder.

He played all major sports during his four years of high school, but hopes this latest shot at owning the Pistons will be a slam dunk.

Gores is no stranger to making offers for Michigan-based businesses.

He nearly purchased Delphi in 2009.