Local Webmaster gets Haiti Salvation Army site up and running


Destruction near the The Home of Happiness Salvation Army children's home in Haiti.

Flint resident Steven Himes has been friends with Bob Poff, Director of Disaster Services for the Haiti Salvation Army, for years. After Poff visited the Flint Citadel Salvation Army congregation several months ago, he asked Himes to work as a consultant, and help volunteers in Haiti get a website up and running. That was the start of We were just getting the ball rolling when the quake hit, said Himes.

They were in such early stages that the page simply read, Website coming soon. Himes knew volunteers in Haiti would be much too busy, and went to work around the clock to get the site going.

Himes says he will continue to operate the website from Flint as long as needed.

I will be here for the people of Haiti, and for The Salvation Army on the island, who are doing all that they can to serve the needs of the many, he said.

The Salvation Army Haitian website had only experienced an average of a dozen or more hits prior to the January 12 earthquake. From January 14, 2010 to today, the site averages almost 13,000 visits daily.